Summer arrives, and the last thing that most people talk about is damp, musty, and mold-infested basements. You must question how that is possible in this sweltering heat outside. Anything can be possible, and It's not an undesirable thing. A damp and wet basement can cause many health problems that harm you and your family. But one solution is basement waterproofing in Washington, D.C. Dump and Wet basements can be due for many reasons you don't know. And in this article, you can understand the cause and its solution. Let's dive into the article. 

What Makes the Basement Wet?

Before jumping into the article, the first thing that you should understand is if you have moisture in your basement. It is essential to understand the warning signs and symptoms. A puddle of water is not the only reason your basement got all the moisture; there are many reasons. Here are some factors that may be responsible: 

  • Humid air
  • The odor of Mildew and molds 
  • Rotting Columns, joists, and Headers 
  • Standing water on the floors 
  • Blistering and stained walls 
  • Condensation on the floor and walls 
  • Water trickling out of the walls 

Basement Moisture Typically Comes From One of 3 Sources

Here Are The Sources:

  • Groundwater or Rain: Water that stands outside can make its way inside. As simple as 1 inch of rain can bring 1,250 gallons of water, drenching a 2,000 sq. ft. house. Without proper basement waterproofing Washington DC. That water can enter your house's basement. 
  • Interior Moisture Sources: In some cases, the water originated or was created there. The sources may be showers, dryers, humidifiers, and moisture from newly-constructed concrete. 
  • Ventilation with Humid, Outside Air: We might open the basement in summer for some ventilation. However, we let humidity air or outside air in our cool basement, and that air can condense on the walls and floors. If you find any of the reasons, you can see moisture in the basement; now you find out, let's fix this together by following some steps. 

Types of Basement Leakage

1. An Interior Water Leak

Before finding or calling someone to check, you should check for its leak first when trying to find the main reason for basement moisture. A water leak can come from numerous places, such as a sink, a toilet, a shower, a washing machine, and many more places. Check if any of the areas have any leakage. 

How to Fix?- An interior leak is one of the most accessible and straightforward problems; call a professional like Handyman Services In DC to take care of your problem, and your basement can be saved for good. 

2. Ineffective Grading 

Rainwater can make its way inside the basement due to poor grading. The ground around the house should slope away from the home, not towards it. If water drains in the wrong direction, your foundation will become clogged with water, eventually seeping inside.

How to Fix?- Build up the Dirt around your house and create a slope that targets away from home. For a minimum of 6 feet, this should be at least 1 inch each foot.

3. Missing or Defective Gutters and Downspouts

The main target of downspouts is to keep rainwater away from the house's foundation. If those downspouts and gutters are missing or 

not working correctly, rainwater can enter your property quickly, which is not good. As water drains towards your home and can accumulate in the soil, it makes its way into the basement. 

How to Fix?- Adding gutters is a big idea if they still need to be implemented. At least one downspout should be placed every 50 ft. of the roof eave. Extenders should be placed on all downspouts and cleaned regularly for proper function. Or, for more safety, install a basement waterproofing in Washington, dc, that can protect your basement more efficiently. 

4. Cracks in Your Foundation

If there are cracks in your basement, then water can make its way to your basement. And sometimes water itself is the cause of cracks. If the floor joists are not appropriately connected to the walls, they can create cracks. No matter how the cracks form, they can make your basement wet and dump. 

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

How to Fix?- 

Fixing this problem depends on the type of crack; if it is made from hydrostatic pressure, repairing the external drainage is the solution, or if the reason is a structural problem, proper footing, and connection can be put into the gaps. That is the solution. 

Now you know the reasons that can create moisture in your basement and cause many problems, including health problems. But the best solution for every situation is basement waterproofing in Washington, dc. Due to the waterproofing system, it will not let water come inside the basement and cause any problems. 

To Wind Up 

Summers are here, and there is a possibility their basement can be the place of molds and which can cause many health issues. So finding a solution can be a must, so read this article carefully to find the problem and solution. If you find the answer, you can use that space for many reasons, and it will not create any health issues.